Federico Pagani Enterprises

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During the early days Federico Pagani worked as an agent. He put shows together and, at one time or another, all the bands worked for him. He was a Puerto Rican in his early 50s and a fast talker with some strange ideas, especially when he met a young Spanish singer named Chiquita who desperately wanted to be a star. He promised he would make it happen.

The girl was about 18 or 19 and the first thing he did after marrying her was bleach her hair blond. He asked Tito to write a couple of songs for her.  She really hated Federico but went along with him, telling everyone that as soon as she was a big star she would dump him because he was an old man.

Federico  booked the show and decided to put Chiquita in a portable bathtub filled with bubbles. She wore a flesh-colored bathing suit and had a microphone attached to the side so she could sing. I caught the first show and couldn’t imagine how she let herself be conned into this crazy act. Afterwards I went backstage to meet Tito – he was laughing so hard he was crying. He said he couldn’t play with a straight face. When I went to Chiquita’s dressing room, she kept saying:  “He made me a star, he made me a star!”

I congratulated her and left, but heard later on that she developed a bad cold and ran off with a young guy. Federico never got over her.

I bumped into Chiquita years later and she told me not to mention anything as she was married to a legit guy and no one knew of her past. She had a family and found happiness. I was happy for her, and Federico Pagani goes down as one of the more inventive impresarios.

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